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Harassing For Harassment

Updated: May 30, 2020

2 years back .. I heard people saying, “176000 crore ka ghotala (scam) was investigated and big names fell only because the Supreme Court of India intervened and pulled government on it”… it all started with the cancellation of 122 licenses in one go by a Supreme Court Judge … spiraling into a movement in the courtroom which sent Raja to jail and government to shelters, which also, fueled Anna’s movement on the street, which bred Kejriwal …

Go back in the first para.. it all started with an SC judge canceling 122 licenses worth some thousands of crores in one go .. that man is Justice AK Ganguly.. the same man who is now finding himself disgraced by charges of inappropriate (but so far unproven) behavior with a law intern… I am not here to defend his latter action (assuming if its true and there is a BIG if) but to question whether the latter allegation has any link with the former action (2G cancellation). If the second doubt is true, we have just discovered a new way to bring down tough judges and officials…. bribe them.. if you cant bribe… kill them (or run trucks over them) … if you cant kill them, just trap them in some harassment allegation.

And of course, nobody is above law, but the way we treat sexual harassment in media is more from an “entertainment” angle and delivering “shock” value, where we chisel an instant “demonification” of the accused and “victimification” of the accuser, the name of the accused is flayed in the media, while the accuser even when proved incorrect goes without penalty and in anonymity… I acknowledge we live in a world with Asarams (though even that isn’t proven, but given the plethora of evidence seems true) but we also live in a world where the law itself can be used to obstruct, humiliate and subvert justice and truth.

We need law correction and more a media correction.

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